Name the remake of the groundbreaking horror movie in which the villain..

SCREAM (1996)


SCREAM inspired Valentines!

A quick guide to the SCREAM movies

In 1996, the MPAA had their doubts about the directors preferred version of Scream,  so it had to be censored for the R-Rating while the uncut version got the less economical NC-17-Rating. Above is a gif set I’ve created showing some of these cuts. Many of them were less than 1 second and almost unrecognisable. 
1. The unrated version shows a series of Steve’s guts falling out where as in the R rated, we only see the close up of his head tilting and his guts are already out.
2. The unrated version shows the shot of Casey’s body longer than the R rated.
3. The unrated shows Tatum’s head being crushed a lot longer whereas in the R rated, it fades quicker. 
4. The unrated shows Kenny standing for longer and looking at his hand where as in the R rated, the shot goes straight to Sidney.
5. The unrated actually shows Billy stabbing Stu, however the R rated only shows Sidney’s reaction to a stab and we hear it occurring in the background. The fact that we see the stabs occurring was considered too much. 
6. The unrated shows and allows us to hear Stu’s hand dripping blood and the camera pans to blood on the floor where as in the R rated, we only see a shot of Sidney’s father and Stu’s hand. 


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