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So my friend Night expressed a general desire for help with profiles, and I figured I’d go ahead and whip this up! I’m no anatomy master or anything, but this is stuff that helps me quite a bit, so I figured I’d share… even if I have no idea how helpful it actually is. Writing tutorials is hard! Ah well, I hope it can be of some use.


…some kind of tutorial?


posting this for when I’m famous. LOLNOPE

But basically this is my process of drawing broke down.

  1. Get the image inside your head of what you want to draw. Now, most images in your head never really come out right when you draw which is why we sometimes use stock images. What are stock images? Stock images are photography there for you to refernce off.  
  2. You can use stock images by tracing out the basic shapes in the picture. AKA you can make the guidelines out if the picture! You’ve been told tracing is bad right? Well if you’re using the guidelines and REFERENCE off them its not :) 
  3. Now you’ve got you guidelines/base image now add the detail! Facial features, expressions Etc. You might want to look up other tutorials on this. 
  4. Now you’ve got your sketch right? Now explore how to make lineart or color! 

Extra things

  •  If you’re on a certain website, you can go onto other sites to explore how people do things. It always seemed to me that tumblr had better resources than Deviantart. 
  • Explore other people’s styles! Ask the artist how they do certain things or closely observe their art. 
  • Go to Join.mes, Livestreams, etc. I’ve heard this is good for observing someone’s process
  • Try and experiment with your own style! Don’t try to copy eveything you see!

Extra Extra things

  • I’ve seen that drawing occasionally actually helps with your style. don’t ask me why.
  • Listen to music while you draw
  • have patience. It can be a LOOONNGGGG time to draw something or it can be extremely short. 
  • take breaks. 

aaaannnnnndddd that’s all I’ve got. Hope this helps somebody. 

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By me, Sara D. (Heh.)

I think it’s very important for artists to vary the types of bodies they draw! Not only does it add visual interest and diversity, but different body types can enhance your characters! (Plus it’s more realistic; when was the last time you walked down the street and everyone…