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Illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland by Australian artist Robert Ingpen. Source: Book Graphics.


'Mountain-land' by Robert W. Chambers, with illustrations in color by Frederick Richardson and decorations by Walter King Stone. Published 1906 by D. Appleton And Company,New York.

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Illustrations by Kraken / TumblrStore

Limited edition silk screen prints. Part of the Smithe, Kraken & Seher art show, “Optometría del Ser (Optometry of Being)”, opening August 15th, 2014, at the Cotton Candy Machine


Unknown Colorer (1927; Children’s Edition)This is my scan; please do not repost


Unknown Colorer (1927; Children’s Edition)
This is my scan; please do not repost


'The baby's own Æsop' being the fables condensed in rhyme, with portable morals pictorially pointed by Walter Crane. Engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. Published 1887 by G. Routledge & Sons, London & New York.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 「不思議の国のアリス」
illustration:矢車 涼 suzushi yaguruma

カラー版名作全集 少年少女 世界の文学 4巻 イギリス編3