Weak thirsty trash

I want to write a list of the fandoms I’m in but when I get the will to do it… I forget all of my fandoms.

Another GIF challenge

8th gif represents your sense of humor

16th gif represents your attitude towards the world

(pretty much, yes.)

23rd gif represents your love life

(lmao wat)

13th gif represents your social life

30th gif represents your ideal life


1st gif represents your future


10th gif represents your past

(well, I was suicidal when I was a teen, so…)

18th gif represents your present

(a little bit)

35th gif represents your future partner

(crying!Tom is going to be my future partner…)

2nd gif is how the same sex sees you

(lmao. come and get me, ladies)

27th gif is how the opposite sex sees you

15th gif is how you see yourself

20th gif is what your parents are like

26th gif is what your kids will be like

5th gif is what your neighbors will be like


11th gif is your last day on earth

(LOLOLOLOLOLO I wonder how accurate this is)

9th gif is your sexual preference

(Alice is my sexual preference I don’t seem to like having a sexual preference)

3rd gif represents your emotions towards music

21st gif is your favorite tv show/movie

(lol no)

6th gif is God’s gift to you when you die

(A “horse”)

40th gif is how the public feels about you

37th gif is what your parents thought when you were born


29th gif is how you will feel at your wedding

(like Chuck Norris)